February 24, 2015

Feeling grateful

So freezer jam season is starting... Yay! I absolutely LOVE freezer jam! Strawberries have been on sale for a few days now, and I've made no less than 4 batches of jam so far! Yummy yummy yummy. :) Seriously, I can't get enough of the stuff. Freezer jam is one of the simple, every day miracles that we take for granted... can you imagine life back in the dark ages? No lights, no electricity, no PLUMBING, practically no medicine, the plague, and no freezer jam. How blessed are we to live in the days of clean water, penecillin, and freezer jam! And if you think I'm joking, then you don't know me well enough. :) Oooh, and epidurals, don't forget epidurals. I completely believe that whoever invented the epidural should be granted sainthood and guaranteed a seat in heaven. Think of all the pain and suffering that one thing has removed from the world. I know... I was in labor for 28 hours and had to have 2 of them. Best thing in the world, the epidural. :)
So today I'm feeling grateful to live in the age of technology and clean water. I mean, I like making home made bread when I get a wild hair, but growing your own wheat and grinding it by hand, and then baking it every day just to survive? No thank you. I love the super market. I love that I can stop at a fast food chain if I'm just too tired to cook. I love that I can turn up the heater on a cold and dreary day, such as today. I am grateful that women have rights and are treated as equals. That we can vote and that we live in a free country. And where would we be without Spongebob? I mean, come on! The entire society might collapse without that little yellow guy. Although, if I could, I would go back and remove all video games.
Life might be difficult today, but it is so easy compared to what was. Any time I think life is hard, I can almost hear my ancestors mocking me. And don't think that they wouldn't. If they are indeed related to me, then they have quite a proclivity to mock and use sarcasm. I'm spoiled rotten and grateful for it.

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  1. Epidurals and freezer Jam.. Awesome.

    So glad you LOVE it.. you have found your own *secret* to the recipe.. and you have made lots! I usually make enough every May to last me until the next May. We are spoiled.
    My kids won't eat any other Jam you know..

    Anyways.. grateful I could come here for a smile. I agree with your list! :)